Accommodation contract and order accommodation BOHEMIA

22/08/2013 11:35

First Payment of the accommodation is immediately on signing the contract for accommodation . The landlord reserves the right not to accept late payments or non-cash payments . Payment is always in cash. Tenant is obliged to pay the first payment of a refundable deposit of CZK 200 (principal ) , who, after returning accommodation . In the event that damage has occurred inventory hostels or loss of keys by the Resident , the deposit will be paid.

Second In the hostel premises and adjacent areas is strictly forbidden to smoke and open flames under penalty of CZK 200 . Smoking is allowed only in designated rooms . ( Smoking Area ) repeatedly violating this prohibition will be an immediate end to accommodation by the landlord and without compensation .
3rd Accommodation contract does not entitle the provision of permanent or temporary residence of the resident nor entitled to alternative accommodation in the event of termination or cancellation of the accommodation contract . In the case of the transition to the rights of the other entity must enter into a new contract with the new accommodation provider .
4th Hostel Guest House , which properly registered. Guest must present a valid identity card or passport . Guest may bring in hostels other than personal belongings in appropriate quantities. Do hostels may not bring any electrical appliances, heat lamps , any tools or other items that could endanger coexistence residents.
5th Hostel Guest expenses for accommodation accommodation agreement - order a key with the number of places allocated to accommodation. Consent to the accommodation agreement - Regulations, the price for the accommodation (see price list) confirms host his signature .
6th The guest is obliged to behave in a hostel and according to good morals. Guest are not allowed into the hostel drunk , or heavily soiled clothing .
7th Host properly use spaces reserved for his accommodation. In these areas may not, without the written consent of the hostels to move equipment , repair and tamper with the mains or installations . Host also has a duty to maintain all facilities in the hostel clean and tidy . For the reason that the hostel provides daily cleaning of all areas and rooms themselves are needed to personal belongings were accommodated in the absence of the cabinets. Bulk things that will disrupt order in the room accommodated , will be taken as a disorder that disturbs other residents stay and therefore will be treated as waste that will be disposed of .
8th Host shall not, without the written permission of spaces in hostels make any adjustments ( putting up posters , pictures or hanging racks , brackets , leaving in the absence of any matter , shoes and clothing outside the allocated housing and facilities) .
9th The hostel is prohibited without permission hostels any electrical equipment ( kettles , refrigerators, freezers , etc. ) except for the hair dryer , phone charger , radio , tv, own alarm clock. For the purpose of cooking food and water spaces are designed residence.
10th Every person has the right to hostels laundry for 40 CZK / washing machine .
11th In the event that the guest houses for a fixed period , the obligation to leave the hostel by 10:00 pm on the last day of accommodation .
12th Host, which houses the 6th am, will pay the price of the entire previous night .
13th Visits to the premises of the hostel is strictly prohibited violation of the ban means immediate termination of the accommodation contract . The landlord reserves the right to immediately cancel the accommodation contract in case of gross violation of the provisions of this Agreement. The guest is obliged to behave in the hostel premises quietly and not to infringe the rights of roommates and operators of hostels . In the night ( from 22.00 to 7.00 pm) should be increased to maintain peace and not disturb others.
14th Each resident is required to follow the advice of landlords . In the absence of the Resident Landlord agrees that the breach of tenancy rights , or the concept of suspected infringement will be accommodated immediately contact the police ( line 158 ) and the landlord.
15th Dogs , cats and other animals can not be placed in hostels .
16th Host when leaving the room closes the window , turn off electrical appliances, room locked.
17th The hostel is designed to accommodate people. The landlord reserves the right to refuse a client if the client is drunk or has agrsivní behavior. All information about accommodation provides landlord on +420 77 620 6666th Any damage caused to the property Accommodation BOHEMIA corresponds host accordance with applicable regulations and pay damages in full.
18th Hostel is not responsible for things brought a guest to the hostel , or for damage to belongings .
19th Guest may cancel the contract before the expiry of the agreed period , the injury caused by premature termination of hostels accommodation is obliged to pay the full amount .
20th Hostel of the contract before the expiry of the agreed period , if the host at the hostel grossly violates good morals , or otherwise does not comply with the provisions of this accommodation rules .
21st Hostel provide for guest staying for longer than the seventh days bed linen 1x per 14 days. For extraordinary cleaning of linen will be charged a fee of 100 CZK .
22nd The accommodation contract is legally valid , the guest is obliged to meet her in the whole range , the possible lack of knowledge will be considered.